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Mission: Democratize access to Web3 Dapp development

Bring Your Own Cloud

What you get with RAIRprotocol

Complete Dapp Infrastructure


Granular onchain NFT minting, royalty, resale, fungible token credit, and marketplace logic via ERC2535 upgradeable diamond multi-proxy contracts.


Backend to create your own modular API endpoints and offchain infrastructure. Configurable with 100+ environment variables for easily deployment.


Deploy customizable mobile first NFT marketplace frontends using modular REACT + Typescript framework. Easy whitelabel deployment via pre built UI/UX configurations. Full administrator dashboards.


DRM protect content with a full FFmpeg encoder/transcoder. Hashicorp Vault or database KMS credentials to create the ultimate secure DRM media systems.


Specify all smart contract addresses to sync via Alchemy syncing engine. RPC syncing fallback. Support for all Alchemy supported blockchains. Efficient syncing from selectable block heights.


RAIR is committed to fully open sourcing all aspects of our knowledge base. This includes: Terraform scripts, CI/CD pipeline, Kubernetes configurations. Deploy full MongoDB Cloud Atlas instances with a scalable offchain trade and execution engine.

Clone our repo to earn rewards

Innovative Licensing Model


A novel approach to open-source. Fully open with onchain license tracking

Apache2.0 Reimagined

Adapting Apache2.0 for the Web3 Era. Token burn based licensing model


Provenance inside NOTICE file in all derivative codebases proves a valid open source license exists onchain

Fair Pricing

Free for developers, graduated scale for enterprise based on % of ARR


Stewards the RAIR open codebase into the future with a sustainable decentralized funding mechanism

1,000,000,000 RAIR

Designed to reward active network development


Fund code audits, developer grants, CEX listings, strategic partnerships, all with eleganty designed lockup periods


To balance the needs of early adopters and later participants through emissions curve release schedule


To foster longterm sustainable development


NFT license holders earn rewards and govern the project

Earn Network Rewards

Only wallets with valid License NFTs can receive rewards. Earn tokens for making our codebase better!

Submit New Features

License holders can vote on new features. Fast track new enterprise development initiatives

Submit Pull Requests

DAO maintains the core codebase. Merges improvements and features from the community

Vote on System Wide Changes

Have a say in important matters development roadmap & financial

How to license RAIR

Step 1: Clone

Clone the rair-dapp Github repo to get your project started. Everything you'll need is in there just run docker

Step 2: Apply

For an official open source NFT license from the RAIR DAO.

Step 3: Commit

Update the NOTICE file in your Git repo with your official RAIR NFT

Contribute to development and receive RAIR tokens!

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Integration Partners

Ready for your API keys

Critical Web3 infrastructure providers that have partnered with RAIRprotocol to provide out-of-the-box integration solutions

Alchemy Sync

Scalable syncing from supported EVM blockchains with one click

Alchemy Account Kit

Deploy AA ERC-4337 smart accounts for your users


Store user AA access credentials securely via self-custodial MPC


Build fully KYC/AML and age compliant workflows via AI recognition

Mongodb Cloud Atlas

Deploy your own scalable database backends

Hashicorp Vault

Store secret securely using industry best practice


High quality low cost IPFS and IPNS pinning and bandwidth


Cloud deployment infrastructure-as-code


Onchain pricing and data feeds


Frequently Asked Questions

What is RAIRprotocol all about?

Can you ELI5

Sure! RAIR is a bunch of Web3 Dapp code we are open sourcing to make Dapp building 10x easier for everyone else

Why is RAIR licensing its code as an NFT?

We want to keep RAIR free and open, while also embracing our Web3 roots. It makes sense to track licenses onchain as NFTs as this creates an immutable provenance chain of title across codebases

What is Apache 2.0?

Apache 2.0 is an open source license standard that requires 2 key things to license. 1 - if you change the code publish the changelog. 2 publish the original creators NOTICE file in the new codebase. This second clause enables our NFT licensing to work.

Who is behind RAIR?

A team of doxxed enterprise SaaS entrepreneurs building in Web3 since 2016. See C Corp site for bios

Why does RAIR need a token?

To make a circular economy is the short answer. To fund open source development is another answer. Capturing the value generated by open source software is the ultimate answer

What happens if I choose not to get an NFT license?

Likely nothing. The code is open so you can fork it without attribution if you really want to. If you monetize the code in a significant way (2m+ ARR) the DAO will bug you into compliance. Hopefully the value provided by the software exceeds the cost in RAIR to use officially.

Years of development
API endpoints
Development cost

RAIRprotocol needs 

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